Trial by Ordeal: Be Careful What You Ask For.


In a rare turn of events, Daddy came to pick me up from the house this time around. She drove down on Thursday and stayed in my house in Orlando. As she arrived, Mommy had gone upstairs as she felt bad. One trip to the store, and Daddy surprising Mommy with this weird tea stuff and they we’re on the couch laughing and joking like nothing had ever happened.

Thursday night at slept, together, in Mommy’s house in Orlando. While we didn’t fuck, it was still amazing!!!


The ORIGINAL plan for Friday was for me to be restrained for the trip to Jax. I protested and asked what about needing to pee? Daddy’s response? You’re right, I’ll just have to diaper you. Don’t want any messes in my car.

I was aghast. The MOST I’d ever been immobile and unable to move was maybe an hour. This was daunting at best BUT I was determined to please Daddy and obey.

So on Friday we woke up and packed to get ready to leave. I was told to dress comfortably and to make sure that I wanted to stay in it for 3 hours (or more). I grabbed my best bra and loose tank, and my jeans.

I finished packing and feeding the puppies and went to load Daddy’s car.

Problem, as I got into the car Daddy said her eyes felt weird. Not wanting to die in a fire crash I made the executive decision to drive to breakfast and then, if Daddy felt better after, I would relinquish my driving privilege to her at the first rest stop we passed.

She agreed and off we went.

After breakfast, and right before we hit 95, Daddy needed to pee, ergo I was ordered to hit the nearest rest stop.

“When I come back we are switching so gear up.” She smirked.

I waited until she returned and was ordered to pull off to the side and park the car. I did as I was told and Daddy met me on the passenger side.

She reached into the back seat and retrieved the strait jacket from her pack.

“Arms in princess.”

I complied even though I was mortified by the fact that LITERALLY everyone could see us as plain as day.

Daddy finished the crotch strap and I climbed back into the passenger side of the call. I was belted in and the seat was laid back so I could rest and we were off.

Which is where it got interesting.

We pulled out of the rest stop and were on our way when Daddy looked in the rear view.

“Theres a cop behind me. Fucker is pulling me over!”

My heart stopped. Had someone seen us? Did someone assume I was getting abducted? What did they want? What was I going to say if they asked why I was tied up in the pasenger seat? Was this illegal?

I laid there stone still as the cop reprimanded Daddy in what I can only refer to as true dick cop fashion. Turns out that since she didnt slam on her brakes and cause an accident to move over while he and his buddy had pulled someone over; it was a problem that HAD to be dealt with.

He left the window and I asked Daddy to undo my arms. At least if I was mobile he couldnt have an issue if he saw me. She deftly moved to undo my arm strap and free me, to an extent as the jerk returned.

“Im only going to give you a warning just move over next time!” The dick with a badge admonished and then disappeared. He made a show of he and his partner speeding off convinced of their superiority.

Daddy laughed nervously and then smiled at me.

“Time to button you back up.” she giggled as she re-restrained me and we were off.

We arrived home and I was freed after we found that Gizmo and Tater had left Daddy presents in her absence.

We chilled out for a while and I began dinner (salmon as usual). During this time Daddy began to chop up and puree jalapenos. Her new theory on getting deep into my head was to use capsaicin to get me really stoned and then use her new found interest in hypnosis to crawl her way into my head.

We finished dinner and I was ordered to the bathroom and to strip. I knew what was coming and it was REALLY unsettling. I usually dont play when im intoxicated but this wasnt intoxication….it was technically forced subspace.

I knelt on the floor and waited for Daddy to plug me in and was rewarded soon with the rush of Hulk green liquid coming from the enema bag.


Capsaicin makes my intestines spasm and this stuff was 100% pure and it was EXTREMELY effective

I was so high i could look down at the International space station and it was causing my intestines to spasm….hard. I begged and pleaded for Daddy to allow me to release and she relented not wanting to have to clean her floor.

Just like the first time I was so high that it was hard to stay ON the toilet and I remember hearing Daddy cackle as I came to the realization that, this time, the Jalapenos burned upon their exit.

My ass was ablaze and I was having a hard time staying up right.

I finished up and collapsed on the floor.

“Come to bed sweetheart, I cant do anything with you like this.”

I crawled to the bed and finally lay down beside my love as she stroked her fingers up and down my body.

She calmly curved her arm up around my head and dug her fingers into her newly acquired access point through my third eye.

Time stopped

What happened next is a blur and she will have to fill in but I remember seeing numbers flash in the darkness only to be consumed by fire.

More showed up slower afterwards and were blown away like smoke. I remember feeling relaxed and hearing Daddys voice in my head like thunder but not much else.

We drifted off to sleep after we made love and I slept like a rock.


Saturday was spent running errands and I was told that, in the evening I was to be made into Daddy’s doll.

Tits and cock sewn up so that I was sexless. An object for Daddy to admire and play with.

I cringed at the thought BUT I wanted to go through it. I had asked about it after all and Daddy was really excited.

We came home and I was ordered to strip and lay on the butterfly board. THIS time however, i was face down.

The cuffs went on and Daddy went to work on me.

Floggers, Paddles, and canes.

“Count down from 300 like last night, princess.”

Her voice changed and I could feel it more than hear it. It was soft but consuming me utterly.

The impact got harder. I was held fast by her trance and it was terrifying.

I kept telling myself; “Just open your eyes and fight back!” but my body refused to listen.

The impact got harder.

“Go to your cage princess I dont want to hear or see you until I call.”

I vanished into the darkness and the pain changed. It still hurt but I was at peace and calmer than ever.

After a while the pain stopped and I felt Daddy at my ear. From the darkness I heard.

“Im going to undo your restraints and you are to turn over.”

My body complied even though I wasnt piloting it. This was surreal.

I lay on my back and revelled in the blackness when HE showed up.

“You know whats coming? Shes going to have someone stitch you up you stupid little whore!


This is not what we were trained to do!”

I could hear the mounting panic in HIS voice but this time, as my heart rate rose, I grew calmer. HIS hold on me would slip and then return almost as if he was trying to shake me awake to no avail.

HE faded after some time when I heard the door open. People had arrived, Daddys freinds were here to make her doll a reality.

I could hear voices but not place who they were.

I felt cold as metal strapping was secured around me.

“I know this seems a bit much but TRUST me its warranted.” Daddy explained to her guests as I was literally bolted into place.

“Muse do you want to see who is here? Come back up and you can see who is here. You know who they are.”

I tried to open my eyes but the trance was too deep and I couldnt.

“Its ok baby, stay down. Dont come up till youre called.”

I felt my head being lifted and the muzzle being buckled onto my head.

I was efectively mute for the the foreseeable future.

I fell deeper into the black as Sir commanded and relaxed.

The next thing I remember is cold followed by a pain that I havent felt in literally decades.

Problem with me is that I heal fast….incredibly fast for a mortal apparently. So much so that Daddy has a hard time causing me to bleed when she wants to feed off of me.

I also have thick skin as I would later find out.

My tormenter pierced my right breast and the world exploded into fire.

I was brought out of space and immediately in dangerous territory as all I wanted was out and away. Every fiber of my being screamed at me to backup and gain ground to reassess and destroy my attacker.

Daddy saw who was coming and paused her instructor.

“Stay down baby, its ok.”

For the first time I spoke to Daddy

“No its not, I cant be muzzled for this.” I struggled to communicate through the leather holding me prisoner.

Suddenly I felt my core and my body growing cold. I was shivering and didnt know why.

I asked for a blanket thinking that the cold was causing my pain as the suture that had been completed wasnt painful.

My eyes were open but I didnt know the people who were present.

I panicked.

Had I forgotten people? I was sure I didnt know the two that were present.

Daddy explained that it was Brandy (Whom I had spoken to online) and her Daddy, Daddy James.

I warmed myself and the executive decision was made to change to staples after a failed attempt to suture my lower extremities.

I like staples (about as much as I can given I HATE needles) a LOT better than sutures as the pain combined with my thick hide cause me to panic.

I greeted my tormentors and made my usual jokes as Daddy retrieved the stapler.

I asked to be unrestrained for the rest of the ordeal as this goal had become more about pride than facing the pain. I was determined to do this to showcase my devotion to Daddy and being her slavegirl.

During this time I asked what time it was and was met with a time two hours later than I was aware of.

During the trance I was under I had managed to lose 3 hours.

It took a while but both tits and Daddys cock were finally hidden away behind pieces of steel. I was in an amazing symphony of pain but strangely I was loving every second of it.

I was given permission to stand when I asked for permission to cook for Daddy and her guests since I had taken so long to get my staples put in.

Problem was that we needed things from Publix and, by this point, I had learned that Brandy and I manage to supercharge each others brat and it was GLORIOUS!

I also found out that, by this point, that the pain was deep enough and constant enough to cause me aftershock orgasms.

This was anything but upsetting.

The decision was made for me to get dressed and go get the groceries needed for dinner. I didnt want to drive alone however as I didnt know what my reaction would be in a car, let alone in Publix.

Brandy helped me through Publix and talked to me about her rules with her Daddy as we drove back.

Upon returning and beginning to cook dinner I found that movement could now cause me to orgasm without warning and i couldnt control it.

This fact was amusing to Daddy as well as Daddy James and it was capitalized on FREQUENTLY.

I began cooking and laughed and joked with our new found friends in the kitchen. During this time I learned that I was able to trigger Brandy’s Daddy into his Dom mode by misbehaving and being bratty to him. At one point I was told that my actions would cause Brandy pain which only served to send me into high brat gear.

That was until MY Daddy stepped in to put a stop to it.

I finished dinner and became after dinner entertainment as I was ordered to sit on the floor.

Daddy pulled my yoga tights up and produced her Hitachi. She found that running it over the staples would cause me to build to orgasm.

I reached my apex and was made to beg for release in front of our company.




Then begged like a wanton whore to be allowed to cum.

I was granted release and I exploded in front of Brandy and her Daddy.

Afetr the show was done it was time for Brandy and her Sir to go home. They lived far and it was near midnight.

We hugged and I went to hug Daddy James goodbye.

It was at this point I realized my folly when James pulled me in for a hug.


Grinding his sternum into my stapled tits.

The pain was deliberate……and deserved……but really painful.

Daddy James laughed and they left to head home.

Daddy sent me to our room and followed shortly after.

She laid me out and marvelled at her work. Her doll had finally arrived and she wasnt going to waste a second taking full advantage.

She ran her tongue along the staples of my newly formed vagina and lowered herself between my legs.

Her tongue began to probe and tease me. I felt my cock begin to stiffen and realized that I had an orgasm building as Daddy was “eating me out” like the girl I always yearned to be.

I was in paradise and on my way to cumming

Daddy knew what she was doing and held me fast as her tongue moved in and out of my slit.

Just as soon as she started she stopped.

“Roll over and put your pussy in the air.”

Her voice came sternly and with the force of a freight train.

I was hesitant and received a slap for my reticence.

I rolled over and raised my hips and my hole was met with Daddys new favorite toy; her borrowed Fucksall.

She buried the rubber phallus deep in me and pulled the trigger.

I felt my cock harden and was terrified I would have to feel it pushing on my staples but the orgasm I was building to killed the fear just as quickly as it started.

I was exhausted but I needed Daddy fiercely.

I needed the staples out though which Daddy was all too happy to oblige.

I cant remember whose idea it was but I was tasked with taking out the staples which was a mindfuck all on its own.

Once done the camera was done away with and I needed Daddy. I kissed her deeply and began to play and toy with her.

At one point my fingers ended up in Daddy’s pussy and I was fingering her deeply as I kissed all over her and talked to her about our adventures.

The staples coupled with my fingers pounding her G-spot sent Daddy over the edge to the point she squirted all over the covers.

Much to my surprise and hers as well.

We cleaned ourselves up and climbed into bed. I cuddled her close feeling both peace and

pride in having gone through the ordeal to showcase my devotion to my owner and my love.

We both fell into a deep sleep


We didnt play much on Sunday. Its become a ritual that Daddy takes a nap and I clean up and pack my gear before we leave. She takes me halfway home and meets up with Mommy. It helps her and me to ease out of the weekend and it helps Daddy because I dont disappear after an intense weekend.

Paradise is coming back and im hopeful for the future for once in a very long time.

Maybe one day the war will end. It feels good to have hope again.

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