The return

Ever since Daddy and I got back together I have been looking for cheaper ways to get to her. One of those ways has become AMTRAK as it’s dependable…ish and leaves Mommy with a vehicle to use whilst I am in dispose.

So on Friday afternoon I boarded the train that would take me to my inevitable destruction at the hands of my Daddy.

I texted her and was told I would be retrieved by someone but didn’t need to worry about whom. I was to follow their instructions without fail and they would deliver me to Daddy as she instructed.

Needless to say that I was worried and voiced as much. Daddy, in her usual way, reminded me that I am her property and it didn’t matter if I was worried because she had taken care of insuring my safe delivery to her.

All that was required of me was to obey.

I said; “Yes Daddy” with my usual sass and was rewarded with the knowledge that I would be paying for that as well as what I had said the day before.

The day prior Daddy told me that I was making my signature Sriracha Salmon for her and that she needed a list. I supplied it and she told me that she would retrieve the items and cook the rice to put on ice until my arrival.

Problem with that is; I’m not enough of an adult to let a snide comment slide by when I see an opportunity to be impish.

SOOO after she told me all that I replied;

“Good Girl”

That’s when the text chat went silent and I could FEEL the room get colder.

HUGE mistake.

I apologized as I thought I had managed to trip onto a landmine of Daddy’s but she moved the convo forward and I, mostly, forgot about it.


The train was late, thank you AMTRAK, and I was getting nervous. Daddy is all about punctuality and, while the train isn’t my fault, it did mean I kept my ride waiting. I was nervous as Hell; depending on who was waiting I had the chance of catching a beating from two Dommes or worse.

I had my assumptions on who it was; either Bravo number 2 ( whom I had only spoken with through chat….and been a brat to) or Foxtrot.

Bravo 2 was an unknown but, from our conversations seemed mischievous enough to cause me pause.

Foxtrot was Daddy’s bestie and, to be honest, didn’t worry me as I assumed (as I would later discover was way beyond wrong) that she was somewhat passive. Energetic and fun but not the D-type.

The train pulled in and I stepped off walking right into my fate.

My delivery driver ( and Daddy’s co-conspirator) was Foxtrot.

I breathed a sigh of relief about the time that I realized how utterly fucked I was. Foxtrot is one of Daddy’s closest friends and, because of that, has the most leeway when it comes to dealing with Daddy’s property.

We hugged and I told her I was glad it was her as we left the crowded train station. We approached her car and I loaded my stuff into her trunk when she stopped me.

“Where is your muzzle?”

I hesitated and she repeated the question this time more stern.

“It’s in my pack why?”

She smiled.

“Daddy has strict orders that you are to be muzzled. Get in the car.”

I complied and sat in the passenger seat as Foxtrot drove out of view of the public. I donned my muzzle effectively silencing myself as ordered and waited for what was to come next. I had never been under another’s control at Daddy’s direction and I didn’t want to find out what would happen if I disobeyed.

Foxtrot produced my shackles, the ones that screw closed.

“Daddy’s orders are also that you be shackled. Be glad I’m nice and they aren’t behind you. I’m trying not to hurt your shoulder.”

She shackled me and we set off to Daddy’s house.

During the ride Foxtrot admonished me for being mouthy and disrespectful to Daddy online and that, were I her property, she wouldn’t put up with it. She also told me that she knew that Daddy loved me and that I loved her and she was happy to see Daddy happy with her girl back in her possession.

“Did you bring Daddy’s shirt?”

I raised my shackled hands in an “I don’t know” gesture and giggled.

“You better hope you did! You’re in a lot of trouble for that you know.”

I pulled out my phone and began texting her as I couldn’t talk.

“Who are you texting? Mommy? Daddy?”

I hit send and shook my head.

“The only people you get to communicate with are Mommy and Daddy. That’s it, no phone for you!” She admonished as she took it from my hands.

I sat back and breathed as easily as I could with leather and EVA cupping my face and began to do what I ALWAYS do. Fiddle with my restraints.

As we rode in pseudo-silence I began to poke and prod at my shackles. I had yet to best these and figured I may as well occupy myself with that task.


“I don’t think so Houdini. Hands palm down and don’t touch your shackles. I’m being nice by having you cuffed in front. I could have done them behind but I didn’t want to mess with your shoulder. Don’t make me stop and correct that.

I complied fearing the repercussions of disobedience from her let alone Daddy.

I sat the rest if the ride without incident and felt my heart beat faster as we approached Daddy’s driveway. I knew I was in for it but I didn’t know how bad. I honestly had stolen the shirt but that didn’t matter. I had made off with Daddy’s property, one of her favorites, and I was in for it.

Foxtrot and Daddy

As we pulled to a stop in the driveway, Foxtrot turned and began my instructions.

“You are to get out of the car and crawl to Daddy’s doorstep. You may not stand.”

I got out of the car and began to crawl which was a LOT more difficult than previously assumed. However, by the end of it, I was moving fairly well.

I crawled inside to find Daddy waiting in all her glory. She hadnt undressed from work and pointed to where she stood.

“Kneel. Here.”

She ran her fingers through my hair and grabbed a fistful just as I was relaxing. She yanked my head up and told me to look into her eyes.

“You screwed up princess, you have no friends here tonight. Its just me and Foxtrot. By the way, she isnt on your side so dont even think about misbehaving.”

She let me go and turned to look at Foxtrot.

“I like the crawling”

Foxtrot smiled and replied;

“Given the car ride over here and her escape attempt I figured she needed to enter your house more penetant than the ride over.”

Bella returned her gaze to me as I began to giggle at my escape attempt.

Bad idea

For my effort and insolence I was rewarded with a swift kick to my abdomen which caught me by complete surprise.

I hit the floor gasping for air through my nostrils as the muzzle held my jaw tightly.

Sir moved quickly and undid my muzzle and shackles.

“Get undressed and go make dinner. Dont fuck it up.”

I rose and began my task of cooking Salmon in Sriracha sauce, Daddys favorite.

I fed Foxtrot and Daddy with little to no screwups. Foxtrot was awesome and complimented my skill.

Then came time to pay the piper, I had stolen and not JUST stolen but from Daddy. Deliberate or no, that had to be answered.

I was moved to the artroom and quickly secured to the butterfly board so that Daddy could begin her evil designs.

“You asked earlier if you could help Foxtrot as she was having a rough time. Offered yourself up to be a punching bag if memory serves. WIsh granted. I have other things to work with you on. Foxtrot, she is yours for the evening.”

I saw a cruel smile creep across Foxtrots face as she walked to Daddys play case and began to retrieve toys.

In the interim, Daddy had begun screwing me to the butterfly board and making sure I couldnt get away. She attached my cuffs and then took position at my head.

Before all of this Daddy had managed to find a “Button” that would shut me off. I have two now that I know of; One on the back of my neck near my head and one where my third eye sits. Pushing either causes me to relax completely and to basically shut off. Not pass out, think like grabbing a cat by the scruff, they chill out; same thing.

Foxtrot went to work and, i will begrudgingly admit, that I didnt know she could hit as deliberately as she did. It was awesome.

What made it even worse was that during the whole process, I would get overwhelmed sensation-wise with the amount of pain that I was being made to suffer through so I began to fight back and struggle.

Which is where Daddy came in.

I felt her claws dig into my third eye and then I felt Hiss’ claws dig into my psyche.

“Go to your cage.”

Ive learned to love and hate that phrase. Daddy, before she began the whole hypnotism thing, had managed to build space in my head that she can “send” me too and my body will go still. Ive been trained, somewhat, to stay there until im called again which usually means she ramps up the painto see how much she can throw at me before I cant maintain in my cage anymore.

The second I went limp I felt Foxtrot brace her feet on my legs immobilizing them from movement.

Then she started hitting harder…..including my cock.

From my cage I could feel the pain getting worse and worse until finally I broke. The catharsis was intoxicating and my head began to reel. Waves of memory crashed over me like waves onto rocks in my mind.

I was uncuffed and sat back upright. Which is when it hit me. I could smell the sweat and plywood and suddenly I was back at 18 again. My body ached and my shoulder was damaged. I felt a wave of fear hit me as I knew I would be in it for getting hurt. Hurt fighters dont make money and that would cost me. I looked around and I wasnt in Daddys house anymore. I was sitting on the floor of that arena and trying to get up.

I dont remember what happened next until Daddy threw water on me to shock me awake. I was exhausted and terrified that I had “tapped out” too early.

“I can keep going, im ok. Youve only been working on me for five minutes!” I was terrified that I hadnt fulfilled my duty to help Foxtrot and that bothered me deeply.

“Baby, weve been at this for three hours.” Daddy held me as I tried desperately to come back to my senses.

They finished un bolting me and I stood shakily to my feet. I stumbled back to Daddys bedroom and collapsed in a heap on her bed.

I remember them talking and Sir saying;

“Shes useless on that end, lets go with plan B.”

I wondered at the statement and soon got my answer.

“Pixie, face down, pussy in the air.”

She ordered me matter-of-factly and I did my best to comply.

A few seconds later I felt her lube syringe enter me and leave its load, prepping me for what was to come.

I felt a familiar pressure at my entrance and relaxed into it. This one was new and strange though and I began to lift up when I heard the motor begin to hum.

What happened next is a blur and I remember losing myself in ecstacy for quite some time.

The sawzall Foxtrot had, was modified to fit a cock. Ive cut through steel with one of these machines and now it was reaming me with the same force. It was like a vibrator and fucking machine all rolled into one.

I thrashed and moan like a wonton whore as I was brought to orgasm, finally exploding and collapsing on the bed in exhaustion.

Foxtrot kissed my destroyed form and thanked me for being her punching bag for the evening and ran her fingers through my hair.

I heard her leave but I dont remember if I said thank you, i hope so…..Sir despises rudeness from her girl.

I fell into a deep sleep and snuggled Daddy until Saturday morning.


One of my (many) kinks is to be an object for my owners; a thing for their specific desires. I usually ask what kind of clothing they like, hairstyle they want me to have, even down to my piercings and underwear. All of it, I want to be their desire (for instance: Mommy wants my tongue pierced with a slave ring as I have a tendency to talk too much. Daddy wants her cock pierced with a PA so that she can install a permanent chastity that is attached to my piercing.)

Mommys tastes tend toward more gothic/punk themes; Daddy’s not so much. Sir likes her pixie cute and fragile looking so that destroying her is all the more fun. She wants the picture of feminine and she loves “cute” lingerie. This is something I struggled with accomodating.

Slutty I can do, cutesy not so much. Thus I enlisted the help of my best friend ever Erin! We spent hours on Amazon and she spent a not-inconsiderable amount of time hassling Daddy for her opinions. Time which I paid for later, but I digress.

Daddy sat on the couch Saturday afternoon, we spent a large amount of time sleeping and then stopped by the Arts Market where I had my first ever Empanada (wasnt impressed but there is room to improve)

We had plans later that night to meet some friends of ours but we had time to kill beforehand. Daddy sat on the couch with Tater and I instructed her (yup i done told her!) to close her eyes as I had a surprise for her.

She complied and off I went.

Some time later I re-emerged from Daddys room and walked to face her as she sat with eyes closed.

“Open Daddy.”

I saw her eyes slowly open, get wider, then Hiss took over.

“Very nice.” She hissed as she took in the view before her.

I was wearing a short sleep dress, garter belt, adorable panties and 6 inch heels. My hair had been straightened and I smiled as she eyed her prize.

I leaned at the waist and came close to Sir’s ear. The energy was crackling from her and was almost tangible.

“Ruin me”

I whispered and stepped back with an impish smirk. I turned to walk to the bedroom and Hiss was quick to follow behind.

The door shut and I was instructed to lie face down on the bed with my ass in the air.

I slid onto the bed and raised my pussy for Daddy to ravage and waited patiently.

I felt her move and began hearing chains on either side of the bed. My plan involved her fucking me retarded but Hiss had other plans.

She was hungry and she was out for blood.

“Im assuming you like this so me cutting it off wont be happening?”

“Please no Daddy.”

“Pity. I have other ideas.”

She knelt on the bed and began to place mitts on my hands. I protested and was slapped for my effort.

Once Hiss was satisfied that her prey was secured she began to break out her toys.

“Daddy, this isnt what I had in mind!”

She instructed me to be silent and moved behind me. Thinking I was about to have Sir’s cock balls deep in me I shivered.

Daddy moved her hands to the lower hem of my dress and began to raise the fabric revealing her waiting prize. I was so ready to be taken I could taste it and I waited for my panties to start sliding.

I was mistaken in my assumption.

Daddy moved my panties up and out of her way and started in with her first tool.

She worked on me for a few minutes to warm me up switching from paddle to cane to slapper and back again.

As I screamed at the machinations she moved to her case and paused for a brief second.

Then it came.

I felt a thousand tiny stings begin to hit me as she ravaged my ass with a grill brush. The strikes continued but I held my position. The assault was relentless and I knew that I was bleeding but Daddy wasnt done.

I felt her tongue begin to lap up my blood and reach for another tool.

The next few moments are a blur but I tried to run which was when Sir decided her food no longer needed to move. I struggled to crawl away and Sir sat on my back and hips forcing my head into the bed.

“Go to your cage!”

I felt time and reality slip away as I was dragged into the darkness of my mind.

The pain increased and I swam back to the top into the world. I screamed and thrashed.

“Quiet and go to your cage! Dont come out until I say to. Daddy has work to do and I dont want to hear a peep out of you!

I was dragged back to the safety of the darkness. Any time I COULD resurface, my lips may as well have been welded shut as I couldnt make a sound.

Th eonslaught continued unti Daddys tools were a bloody mess and I was heaving and panting to catch my breath.

I passed out from the euphoria and Daddy freed me from my bonds. She held me as I cried and rocked me until I was fast asleep.

Upon waking I noticed it was evening. Daddy had me shower and do my hair as we had an engagement to attend with some friends of ours.

I got dressed sliding my panties up over my now hamburgered ass cheeks. The pain was amazing and very very deliberate

I did as instructed and put on the long black skirt and halter that Mommy had gifted me. I debated on wearing my leather pride flag but went with comfort instead. Which was fortunate as Daddy had a surprise she wanted on me as well; my brand new UPGRADED shock collar.

Aside: I modified a shock collar because the traditional one only has 2 points of contact to deliver a shock.

Great for a dog

Not useful on people. SO I modified it. Now the shock would deliver to all points on my neck (Not dangerous, not enough amps or volts so chill)

It was attached and off we went.

Daddy drove for once and didnt miss an opportunity to dig into my legs as she drove.

We arrived at the bootrack and walked toward the door. I was instructed to be on my best behavior and not to embarrass Daddy or there would be consequences.

I nodded and we headed to the door.

As I walked in I began to hear a scream and turned to see Miss Jae running toward me with her arms out headed for a hug. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me as she smiled and said it was amazing that I was there.

Ogre didnt scream but I did get a mammoth sized hug and lifted off the ground. We exchanged small talk for a sec and went to the bar to hang out.

The night was amazing……..then Daddy decided to give the remote to Miss Jae.

She wasted no time putting it to use. Thankfully, when she went to the restroom to test the range she messed up and pushed the wrong but that was corrected as soon as she returned. I was now firmly in Jae’s control.

In what I can describe as a moment of insanity I decided it’s be a good idea to relieve her of my remote.

Bad life choice

As quickly as I moved forward my hair was grabbed and ripped backward.

Even faster was the speed at which she availed herself of my septum ring.

She grasped the ring between her thumb and forefinger and held tight.

I froze considering that piece of steel is literally IN me .


I shot a side glance at her but stayed motionless.

“Come on down, down, on your knees; there we go.” She chided with decision on the edge of her voice.

I rested on my knees until I was told to rise again, now FULLY aware of my place in this world again.

We bid farewell and hugged then began to make our way back home.

As we lay in bed that night Daddy got a spark of evil and decided it was time for her to test drive her new sounds.

I laid stone still as rod after rod found it’s purchase in Daddy’s cock and moaned like a wanting whore as my g-spot was probed over and over.

Then came the Hitachi. The evil thing.

She drove a sound deep into me and let it sit at the base of my cock.

Then the vibrator found a new home nestled astride of the shaft of the sound deep within me.

The pleasure was almost unbearable as wave after wave off orgasms came to me.

Finally in on pitious help I begged Daddy for release which she granted and I exploded all over the bed.

Consciousness was no longer an option after and I fell asleep with Daddy in my embrace.


We have a rule that Sunday is Daddy’s day for rest and refilling her cup. After all, what use is a Goddess who gets no worship?

This Sunday, however, Daddy hadn’t had enough. Mainly because her prey, while delicious, was lacking. She hungered for the girl and was determined to get her back.

I wish I remembered more but the parts that aren’t blurry are him screaming that the girl was gone and never coming back at her during the throes of pain. Daddy, an expert tormentor, held her ground and told HIM that he could stay but needles would be his only comfort. This terrified the dark one and he ran; back to his home in the courtyard.

With his absence came a small girl from the darkness. Timid and scared but determined to rise. Like a match yearns to be a fire. The girl climbed to the light and up into the world to embrace her Daddy once again. Vowing never to run away ever again.

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